About the Global Ants Database

The Global Ants Database software platform was developed by La Trobe University Schools of Zoology and Molecular Sciences. Funding for the project was provided by a La Trobe University eResearch Grant.

Data contained within the Global Ants Database has been provided by many research groups around the world.

Key contributions


  • Heloise Gibb: Project sponsor/coordinator
  • Andrew Robinson: Software development supervisor/maintenance


  • Daniel Tosello: Production system setup/maintenance
  • Dean Stephens: Software developer (Summer intern)
  • Venura Sasanka Abeysinghe: Software developer (Summer intern)


  • Heloise Gibb: Research data submission & Database curation
  • Blair Grossman: Database curation
  • The original AntDB managers: Former database curation
  • ...
  • If you contributed data to the Global Ant Database and would like your name listed here please contact us with your details.


  • Manoli Photakis: Database curation