GLAD is a collaboration among ant ecologists worldwide bringing together data on the abundance and traits of ants in local assemblages worldwide.


Individuals with trait measurements 4154
Species/Morphospecies 9020
Assemblages 4484
Figure 1: Global distribution of assemblage data from pitfall traps 1.4.2015


New publication (8.6.2018)
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New publication (24.1.2018)
Gibb et al. (2018) Habitat disturbance selects against both small and large species across varying climates. Ecography. (more)
Recent publication (12.12.2017)
Gibb, H. et al. (2017) A global database of ant species abundances. Ecology 98: 883-884 (more)
Recent publication (12.12.2017)
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Photo credit Ajay Narendra